“We refer clients to Jarrett & Price without hesitation. Ben and Patrick are compassionate and responsive to our clients needs. Equally important, they get great results!”

- Spencer Carr, Founding Partner of The Carr Law Group

“I was highly satisfied with the work they did for me. I had talked to a few different attorneys about my case before I talked with Patrick. He was the only one who gave me insight and advice as to what he thought I should do… I believe he genuinely cares and wants to help people. We won my case. Great guys in my book!!! Thanks again!”

- Jordan

“I thought Mr. Price did an outstanding job negotiating for my best interests throughout the process… When needed he also showed a no-nonsense approach when the opposing party was not rational, all without ever losing one ounce of professionalism. The last thing I will say is that I liked that he would explain legal terms, paperwork and processes in terms that were easily understandable. I hope I won’t need his services in the future but if I needed legal representation, I would retain him again.”

- Rudy

“Mr. Jarrett is very impressive, professional, courteous, and prompt with what he does. I would recommend Mr. Jarrett to anyone for several reasons. He will do good things for people as time goes on! I thank you again for your help!”

- Brandi