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Any charge for a controlled substance violation in Georgia is serious and may carry severe consequences.  Depending on the specific charges you face, the consequences of a conviction can reach far beyond imprisonment, fines, and probation.  A drug conviction may impact your ability to drive in Georgia, as well as potentially impact your personal and professional life.  The drug crimes attorneys at Jarrett & Price have the experience and the knowledge to effectively represent you and defend your rights if you find yourself charged with a drug  or controlled substance crime.

Cases we handle:

Georgia Controlled Substances Act

Georgia law places drugs into schedules which impact the potential penalties a person faces upon conviction.  There are five schedules under the Georgia Controlled Substances Act.  Each schedule has set criteria that must be met before a drug or controlled substance is listed in a particular schedule.  The penalties one faces depends on numerous factors including the following:

  • The schedule the particular drug or controlled substance at issue is listed under;
  • The quantity of the drug or controlled substance; and
  • Whether the charge is for possession or whether it involves manufacture or distribution.

Issues in Drug Cases

When the State decides to prosecute any crime, it must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person charged did in fact commit the offense.  Drug crimes cases involve unique evidentiary requirements that the State must be able to establish in order to meet its burden of proof.  For instance, it must show that the drug is the alleged drug.  Often times this requires scientific evidence to be admitted and considered by the jury.  The police often times make mistakes in their handling of the drug (evidence) and an experienced attorney can fight to keep that evidence from reaching the jury.  Another issue involves whether the drug was properly tested.  If the drug or controlled substance is not tested properly, the results of that test may be deemed inadmissible due to the lack of reliability of the test.

The importance of consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney, and specifically a drug crimes attorney cannot be overstated.

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