Violent Crimes

In Georgia there is a wide range of conduct that can lead to an individual being charged with a violent criminal offense. The severity of the alleged conduct will determine the severity of the potential penalties those charged will face. Generally speaking, even the most minor of misdemeanor violent crimes carry with them a maximum sentence of twelve months behind bars. However, more serious violent crimes such as aggravated assault or aggravated battery may cost an individual decades of their life.

No matter what offense you find yourself accused of the consequences of a conviction for any violent crime can, and will, significantly impact you for the rest of your life. If you or a loved one find yourself in this situation the most critical step to take is to obtain the services of a competent and experienced attorney as soon as possible. The State isn’t waiting and neither should you.

At Jarrett & Price, our criminal defense attorneys stand ready and committed to safeguard the rights of our clients and to aggressively fight for the best possible outcome.

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