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jarrett-pricelaw-29_origThe court is afforded considerable discretion in determining child custody cases.  In all child custody determinations, the litigants must submit a parenting plan to the court.  This parenting plan lays out schedules for when and where a child is to be in each parent’s physical custody and care.  The standard the court applies to a child custody determination is always what is in the best interests of the child.  Our experience has led us to the realization that there is not a one size fits all approach to parenting plans.  Each family has a unique set of circumstances that requires a case specific approach to developing a parenting plan that works.  We can work with you on developing a parenting plan that will satisfy your family’s needs.

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Unfortunately, emotions tend to run high in child custody disputes.  We recognize that no relationship in life is more sacred than the parent child relationship.  We always strive to fight for the best interest of the child when representing clients engaged in child custody litigation.  When your most treasured relationship is at stake, you need to have the confidence that you have an attorney that understands the issues in child custody litigation and has the skill and experience necessary to obtain the best results for your family.  Our Georgia child custody attorneys have the experience required and understanding to help you protect your most treasured relationship.

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