Contingency Fees: We only get paid if you get paid

Jarrett & Price LLCIf Jarrett & Price represents you in a personal injury case, we don’t get paid unless you get paid.

Like most personal injury attorneys in Georgia, we take every accident case on a contingency-fee basis. This means our firm is paid a percentage of the total settlement or verdict award we eventually recovery for you, the client. Contingency fees are a vital tool that allows every member of the public who has been victimized by the negligence of another to find representation without having to pay up front, out-of-pocket attorneys fees and case expenses to obtain an attorney.

The beauty of the contingency fee is that it creates a mutual interest between the attorney and the client. Because the attorney is earning a percentage of every dollar obtained on your behalf, the more money your case pays you the more money the attorney earns. The attorney also knows he will be holding an empty bag if the case isn’t a success. Because most people don’t have the funds to pay an attorney their hourly rates for months or even years of litigation, this type of fee structure allows literally anyone to obtain an expert personal injury attorney so long as the liability and damages warrant taking the case.

At Jarrett & Price we require no up-front costs on personal injury cases. Case expenses such as expert witness fees, document retrieval and copy costs, transcript fees and filing fees are fronted by the firm. These expenses are simply reimbursed out of the recovery dollars obtained at the end of the case if recovery is successful. Case expenses can be relatively small in some cases, even less than a thousand dollars. However, more complex cases such as trucking accidents and medical malpractice claims often result in giant expenses, easily running into the tens or even hundreds-of-thousands of dollars. The benefit of contingency fees is that law firms are given the freedom to associate with one another to share the burden of these high expenses. Two or more law firms can work the case together, sharing the burden of expenses, while agreeing to divide the attorney’s share of the contingency fee so that all the firms get paid and at no additional cost to the client. This is most often done in complex cases with large potential damages warranting a sharing of expenses and fees by multiple firms.

The beneficiary of these flexible fee structures is the client. Because you don’t have to pay an up-front retainer, you can find an attorney no matter how complex or potentially expensive your case. As long as the potential damages warrant taking the case, no case is too large or complex. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, call today for a free consultation. We represent accident victims in Southeast Georgia at our Savannah office location, and serve clients in northeast Georgia with offices in Clarkesville and Cleveland.

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