“The Best” | Personal Injury Client Testimonial

The best, We would highly recommend this firm, the whole team professional and attentive. Ben Price was always available if we had questions or concerns . He would always Let us know what was happening in a very timely manner. If you are ever in the need of a excellent firm Jarrett and Price Attorneys at law would be my choice.                                              – Joyce

“Very Responsive” | Personal Injury Client Testimonial

It was a pleasure dealing with both Mr. Price and Mr. Jarrett. Having suffered through the unfortunate situation of an accident and an unresponsive insurance carrier, these gentlemen took care of business in a professional and timely manner. We were never inconvenienced, asked for anything that was not a simple matter to fulfill and worked diligently to have our claim settled with the least amount of time and legal matters to attend to. They are both very responsive to questions and returning telephone calls. This was all done via telephone as we live in another state and did not have any personal contact. Would highly recommend.                                                                                                                                               – Joseph

“I Felt Like I Gained A Friend” | Personal Injury Client Testimonial

I initially started off with a larger firm that were very commercial and who had a heavy media influence (KN) nice people but I definitely did not feel important I felt like a number and like my case wasn’t worth fighting for being that I communication was poor and I had to do a god bit of the work they were supposed to do. I was referred by another attorney after I cut ties with my initial firm that handled my kind of accident. I had a lot going on with my case and honestly with all the consults and the negative experience I had I wasn’t hopeful and then I met Patrick Jarrett! He is something serious. Patrick does not play and he knows how to talk and get things done and is excellent in negotiating and people respect what he has to say. He is honest and always kept me in the loop always returned calls e mails everything. Patrick even consulted with me before he sent an e mail and he explained everything thoroughly and NEVER was impatient. I feel like I gained a friend I know I have. I feel like I got top notch representation and I got treated like top priority. If I ever have another legal issue I don’t care if it is out of his scope I am calling Patrick Jarrett first.
We Highly Recommend | Client Testimonial
We are very grateful to Patrick. Best attorney. Finally we got the visa today. Patrick did a professional job everything was clear and tidy. We hope to work even further. Thanks Patrick. We highly recommend!!!
– Sitora

Awesome Lawyer! | Client Testimonial
“We hired Mr. Jarrett a little over a year ago and he was so patient and understanding. He helped us understand everything we needed to do and was polite and very willing to explain everything. I definitely recommend him and his firm.”

No Nonsense Approach |Client Testimonial
“I thought Mr. Price did an outstanding job negotiating for my best interests throughout the process. He was knowledgeable about the divorce process in particular about the specifics in Georgia. When needed he also showed a no nonsense approach when the opposing party was not rational, all without ever losing one ounce of professionalism. The last thing I will say is that I liked that he would explain legal terms, paperwork and processes in terms that were easily understandable. I hope that I won’t need his services in the future but if I needed legal representation, I would retain him again.”

Knowledgable, Professional, and Compassionate Client Testimonial
“I met Patrick when I was researching for an attorney to represent me for my student visa reinstatement. I had been off status for a long time (about 3 years) due to circumstances that were beyond my control. I had been reaching out to a couple of attorneys, to see if any would want to take in my case and all turned me down saying that “it was too late” and my only option was to go back to my home country. Patrick was the only one willing to take my case but at the same time he let me be aware of the severity of my case. He was extremely supportive when everybody kept on telling me that there was nothing at all that could be done. After being off status for about 3 years I was able to regain my student visa thanks to Patrick. I highly recommend him to any one looking for someone knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate to represent them.”
– Rudy

Very Knowledgable Upbeat Attorney | Client Testimonial
“I absolutely loved how professional and knowledgeable Ben was with the law. He never skipped a beat and was always available to talk. His law firm was very welcoming and helped me with my issue. I would recommend Ben to anyone looking for an attorney that will get the Job done in a timely and professional manner.”

A Trustworthy Lawyer! | Client Testimonial
“Patrick was wonderful at walking me through the whole experience. I was very nervous until I spoke with him, and his calm manner, and thoughtfulness carried me through. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a wonderful and trustworthy lawyer!” 
– Lisa

Highly Recommended | Client Testimonial
“Patrick Jarrett is an outstanding attorney. He comes highly recommended. From the time he got my case he fought hard and reviewed every detail. He took into account what I had to say. He didn’t settle and in the end he did what he said he was gonna do. Patrick Jarrett is an all around guy, if ever I was in trouble again he would be the first person I contacted. He’s very professional and this is the first time i’ve actually dealt with the court system and ever left happy and it’s all thanks to Patrick Jarrett.”
– Client

A Big Thanks | Immigration Testimonial
“I’m so happy with my lawyer Patrick Lee Jarrett!! He was very professional and empathetic in dealing with my case. Even though I live in a different state and have never met him personally, he was very responsive, prompt and kept me updated. He gave me great confidence. I would outright recommend this lawyer to anyone! He is great at what he does. Thank you, Mr.Jarrett!!”
– Lakshmi

A+ Attorney | Client Testimonial
“I was highly satisfied with the work they did for me. I had talked to a few different attorneys about my case before I talked with Patrick. He was the only one that gave me some insight and advice as to what he thought I should do before he said anything about money. Not that money was an issue, I was going to have to hire an attorney either way, but I believe he genuinely cares and wants to help people. We won my case. Great guys in my book!!! Thanks again!”

Great service from friendly people! Immigration Testimonial
“We would be glad to recommend Patrick and his staff without any mental reservation whatsoever.  The process in which we were assisted was done in a very prompt and professional manner.  The documentation compiled by Patrick was even complimented on by the individuals to which it was presented.  Again, we would employ this attorney without hesitation.  Thank you Patrick and Andrea!!!”
– R.

A Sure Recommendation | Client Testimonial
“Mr. Price got done what he said he would which built his credibility with me and a sure recommendation.”
– Client

All I can say is “Thank you!” | Client Testimonial
“Mr. Jarrett is very impressive, professional, courteous, and prompt with what he does. I would recommend Mr. Jarrett to anyone for several reasons. He will do good things for people as time goes on! I thank you again for your help!” 
– Brandi

Big Thank you to my Lawyer | Client Testimonial
“Patrick in my book is a TOP GUN LAWYER. I had a case dealing with my ex wife on child support, and I had spoken to other lawyers before I found Patrick and his firm. When I first met with him, I was thinking a young, big-shot lawyer, but that was not the case.  After talking to him and getting to know him, he cares about you and your needs to help you out on your case. Patrick, thanks again for a job well done!!! I walked out of court feeling great about what all just went down, and now I am stress free… ” 
– Doyle

Priceless to my case  | Immigration Testimonial
“Mister Jarrett has never let me down. I can’t say enough about how satisfied I am with his service.”
– Billy

An Outstanding Job | Client Testimonial
“Patrick’s conscientiousness is matched only by his caring demeanor. He went above and beyond what was expected in this case and didn’t stop until we were completely satisfied with his representation. It’s rare to find such representation that was not only about the billable hours. We were lucky to find him during such a difficult period and he did an outstanding job.”
– Mary

Very Pleased with the Outcome  | Client Testimonial
“Mr. Jarrett and [his staff] kept me informed of all issues about my case and represented me in a most professional manner. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case and will refer to him when another legal action comes about.”

Solid Guy in Today’s Sketchy World  | Client Testimonial
“From the very first phone call Mr. Price was very attentive and seemed interested in what problem I encountered that required me to need a lawyer. He heard my entire problem, gave me feedback and time to think before even blurting out a price like other lawyers. During the process he kept me updated with my options about the case with Clio (like a lawyer messaging website). The second effort he made to get my penalties reduced while we were in the courtroom for my case solidified his good character. The man will do what needs to be done to the best of his ability. The young lady (might be his secretary) that works for him is super nice as well.”
– Client