No cases are more tragic than those involving the death of the victim. At Jarrett & Price, we recognize the difficulty that surviving relatives have dealing with the loss of a loved one, especially when they believe that loss was due to another’s negligence. We strive to use great care and tact when handling these types of cases, while understanding how important it is to prove liability and maximize damages for the other victims, the survivors. While no amount of money damages will ever come close to replacing those individuals, the funds recovered in these actions often lessen the economic impact of the tragedy.

Wrongful Death actions are a specific type of case in Georgia that allow the spouse of the victim to bring a claim for the “value of the life” of the decedent, along with other types of damages brought by the decedent’s estate. Usually, the wrongful death claim is brought by the surviving spouse, but if there is no spouse, claims may be brought by the surviving children, the parents, or other immediate relatives, depending on the circumstances. For an explanation of who is entitled to bring a wrongful death action to recover these benefits, click here

In addition to wrongful death damages brought by the spouse or surviving relative, the victim’s estate may also bring a claim to recover other damages on behalf of the decedent, including medical bills, pain and suffering and punitive damages, among others.

Because these cases involve the loss of a life, they are the most serious and sensitive cases any lawyer is ever asked to handle. At Jarrett & Price we respect the fact that every family we represent in a wrongful death case has suffered a tremendous loss and personal tragedy. We pride ourselves on handling these types of cases with care and professionalism, and know how important it is to return calls and keep families fully informed on the progress of the case.

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