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How Are We Serving Personal Injury Clients During COVID-19 Crisis?

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As the COVID-19 virus makes its way through our world, many people are struggling. Hundreds of thousands are struggling directly with this virus. Others are dealing with the loss of a loved one as a result of this virus. Millions are struggling with financial uncertainty as the global, national, state, and local economies have come to a screeching halt.
Although this pandemic is wreaking havoc upon our world and our individual lives, we know that people still have urgent legal needs that cannot linger.

Secure Effective Communication with Clients

Jarrett & Price has years of experience serving our clients from a distance as we regularly represent people throughout the world in our immigration practice. We are using our experience to serve our clients who have suffered an injury that resulted from someone else’s negligence. We have developed systems that allow us to communicate effectively with our clients. We have electronic contracts, questionnaires, and a secure encrypted channel to share documents and attorney-client communications.

No Upfront Costs to Client

When you have been injured and need an attorney, you do not have to pay us out of pocket at the beginning of your case to secure our representation. We get paid only if we can obtain a recovery for you to compensate you for your injury at the conclusion of your case. Therefore, if you are currently out of work but have an injury caused by another that you should be compensated for, you can still hire Jarrett & Price.

Don’t Let Your Rights to Recover Expire

Your rights to be compensated for an injury are time sensitive. Don’t let the uncertainty of this pandemic mean you allow your rights to recover to expire. If you or a family member has suffered an injury and you have questions about your rights to recover, give us a call. We are available and you will speak directly with an attorney the same day.


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