Our client was driving his truck in Putnam County, GA in the mid morning when he stopped to make a left turn on a two-lane highway. The at-fault driver who was pulling a trailer slammed into the back of our client’s Ford F-150 at full speed.

The Georgia personal injury attorneys at Jarrett & Price reviewed the accident report and discovered that the at-fault driver admitted to falling asleep twice before the accident, but continued driving anyway. He admitted to falling asleep at the time of the accident. This provided significant leverage to apply against the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Our client went to the hospital and it was discovered he had a collapsed lung. He had to undergo a procedure to repair the collapsed lung, and woke up during the procedure. The pain he suffered was excruciating. Pain and suffering in a personal injury case is compensable and has value. Personal injury attorneys have an obligation to their clients to make strong arguments to maximize the value of the pain and suffering their clients endure. We did that in this case.

Even though the medical bills were not very high in this case, the Georgia injury attorneys at Jarrett & Price were able to obtain a settlement from the insurance for the entire policy limits of $250,000. We were able to convince the at-fault driver’s insurance company that a Putnam County jury would award our client more than $250,000 if the case went to trial.