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Car Color and the Risk of Being in a Car Wreck

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The color of your car is important for many reasons when you are choosing to buy a car. Most people put a lot of thought into the aesthetics and how hard it is to keep looking clean between washes. However, the color of your car factor in your risk of being in a car wreck.

Black Cars More Likely to Be In a Car Wreck

study done by Monash University concluded that black colored cars have the highest risk of being in a car wreck when compared to other colors. Compared to white vehicles, black vehicles are 12 percent more likely to get into an accident.  The most dangerous colors were black, grey, silver, blue, and red cars being statistically more likely to get into an automobile accident.

White Cars Least Likely to Be In a Car Wreck

White vehicles are the least likely to get into an accident than any other color. Cars that were cream, yellow, and beige ranked closely behind white cars. It was thought that these cars contrasted with the surroundings better than dark colored cars.

The study found that the color of the car was statistically less important at night than in the day. This is due to the fact that cars driving at night had lights on.

How Important is a Car’s Color as a Factor of Being in an Accident?

As Georgia injury attorneys, we know that the color of the vehicles involved in an accident are a factor, but the driving habits of the people involved is the primary factor influencing your chances of being involved in a car wreck. If you practice safe driving habits, the color of your car will have a minimal impact on your chances to get into an accident. The best driving habits include remaining at or below the speed limit, never text and drive, never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and don’t drive when you are fatigued.

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