A New York man is facing vehicular homicide charges in the case of an 18-wheeler crash that killed a 91-year-old Commerce man February 15, 2016.
Charles Verde died Monday when he collided with a tractor trailer on Mize Road in Commerce, Georgia, according to the media outlet accesswdun.com.

The 18-wheeler was allegedly backing out from the east-bound lane of State Road 98, across the west-bound lane of State Road 98 and onto Mize Road when the crash occurred.
The driver of the 18-wheeler, Matthew Walker, 51 of Riverhead, New York, is charged with vehicular homicide in the second degree as a result of the death.
Tragically, this is another example of the danger large trucks pose to drivers on Georgia’s roads every day. Cases involving 18-wheel trucks are especially complex and involve numerous state and federal regulations not normally found in other auto accident cases.

These typically include the federal motor carrier regulations known as the FMCR. The former safety records of the driver, and the trucking company are also typically at issue in the case, and a searchable database of those records can be found here.
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