As Savannah Personal Injury Attorneys, we handle a lot of car accident injury cases. Many firms seem to have a cookie-cutter approach to handling their cases. This is probably a good method to run your practice from a business standpoint because it helps get to resolution faster. But it is probably not the best way to handle individual cases on behalf of your clients.

Details Can Maximize Value in an Auto Accident Injury Case

Our firm focuses on the details of each case. When reviewing a case file, we look at the location of the accident. Was there a traffic light at the intersection? Was there a sign that said “No right turn on red”? These details can make the difference in the value of a case.

For example, say Driver A was exiting a highway and came to the intersection to turn right and stopped at red light. No traffic is coming from the left, which would normally mean Driver A could turn right. Driver B believes there is no reason for Driver A to be stopped and drives into the back of Driver A. The insurance company’s attorney might argue that Driver A stopped for no traffic purpose placing some of the blame of the accident on Driver A. Though this is not a great argument, it could significantly prolong the case. A thorough attorney would ask if there was any other reason Driver A would stop to turn right at the red light when no traffic required it. If the attorney discovers that there was a sign at the intersection that said “No right turn on red”, and sends that to the attorney for the at-fault driver, the argument from the insurance attorney is gone. Likewise, the probability of settlement in a reasonable time just increased as well.

There are dozens of potential considerations to make when trying to resolve an auto accident injury case, and our Savannah Personal Injury Attorneys ask those questions. Don’t rely on a cookie-cutter approach to your case. It could mean the difference between a $15,000 settlement and a $150,000 settlement. The details always impact the value of an auto accident injury case.

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