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Family-Based Immigration

The Georgia Immigration attorneys at Jarrett & Price assists families in filing immigrant petitions on behalf of their family members. Please view our page on Family Based Immigration for more information.

Our Immigration Attorney, Patrick Jarrett, has established himself as the primary family-based immigration attorney in the Southeast Georgia and throughout the Coastal Empire.  We represent clients in filing family-based immigration petitions and naturalizations.  We have filed hundreds of petitions on behalf of immigrants in Georgia and coastal South Carolina for years.

When you hire Jarrett & Price, you will be dealing with an attorney. Your attorney will be handling every aspect of your case. Our team is experienced in filing every type of family based immigration petition and has developed a system to efficiently guide you through the process.

Jarrett & Price has offices in Savannah, Duluth, Alpharetta, and Northeast Georgia.  We represent clients throughout Georgia and the country.


Naturalization and Citizenship

We assist lawful permanent residents to file applications for naturalization: Learn how we can help with your application!

We have filed hundreds of Naturalization Applications. Patrick meets with each applicant and goes over the process to ensure that our clients are informed about the process and know what is expected of them. Every applicant for naturalization will have to go to an interview and pass the civics exam. Most applicants are required to demonstrate a proficiency in the English language, but some may be exempted.


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