We often see victims of accidents who have been T-boned by a negligent driver.  This type of accident often results in the accident victim recognizing her injuries immediately.  The reason the injuries are often noticeable immediately is that the body of the driver and passengers are exposed to a significant amount of torque and energy.  

A car that is t-boned is usually moving forward at the time of impact.  This sudden change of direction oftentimes causes the body to absorb an enormous amount of energy resulting in the lower back and hips of the driver and passengers to be twist violently.  This substantial torque on the body results in serious injuries to the lower back, hips, and neck.  

The impact can also result in broken bones that most often occur from contact with the car doors at impact.  Depending on the safety of the vehicle the t-boned driver and passengers are in and the type of the other vehicle, there is sometimes an impact of the vehicle itself.  Many automobile manufacturers are designing newer vehicles with numerous airbags to reduce the possibility of injuries.  Curtain airbags are installed that deploy from over the window and will protect occupants of the vehicle from contacting the windows with their heads.  They are also installing side impact airbags that that deploy from the seat or doors protecting the lower body, hips, and legs from contact with the car.  

These accidents are common on Georgia’s roads.  On September 26, 2015, WTOC reported a t-bone accident in Savannah that sent one person to the hospital with what is believed are minor injuries.  On the same day in Carrollton, two teenagers were tragically killed as a result of a side-impact collision with a Georgia State Patrol Officer.  One of the teenagers was not wearing a seat-belt and was ejected from the vehicle.    

Sometimes injuries are not noticed by the victim for several days or even weeks.  It is important for occupants of a vehicle that has been involved in a t-bone type of accident to get checked out by a medical provider.  It is also wise for an injured party to speak with an attorney to assess the case and to determine the amount of damages involved.  Our attorneys are experienced trial lawyers and will speak with you regarding your case if you have been involved in an accident.  Call us at 912.401.8880 or contact by filling out the contact form here.