Your Virtual Window Into Your Case File

When you hire Jarrett & Price to represent you in a legal matter, you will have 24-hour access to most documents and communications in your file using our secure, online client portal. Powered by “Clio,” the client portal offers bank-level security for all attorney-client communications, and creates a virtual file folder which allows you online access to most information in your file. 

You will receive real-time email alerts each time new documents, messages, and other information is downloaded to your file, keeping you informed of the progress of your case. The online messaging feature also provides an easy way for you to share documents and messages with your attorneys using a simple log in. This saves you costs on legal expenses for paper and mail, while also giving you greater access to your case information. 

In an era when securing electronic communications is a must, sharing messages and documents using the client portal is a safer option than traditional email.  You will have access to the firm’s online client portal within minutes of the firm taking your case, and all that is required is a new or existing email account. 

For more information on the level security of this file, visit the “Clio” website.