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Kia Telluride and Hyundai Palisade Recalls

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Ben Price:  Okay. Welcome to the show. This is our first episode, August the 24th, 2022. Pat, good mornin’. Morning. How are you doing Ben? I’m doing pretty good, man. This is, uh, exciting as our first episode ever. We’re live for the first time I’m in, uh, my house and appear at your, at your house.

Patrick Jarrett:  Yes, I’m in my, music room in your studio.

Ben Price: Yes.Okay, well, let’s get down to it, man. I think that I heard you say earlier today that about 300,000 Kia and Hyundai vehicle owners are being told not to park their cars in doors because they could catch on fire and burn their houses down.

Patrick Jarrett:  Yeah. So there’s a recall for Hyundai Palisades and Kia Tellurides from the model years 2020 to 2022 and a stop sale by the federal regulators because of a fire a potential for a fire risk, in those vehicles, even when the car is in park and the engine is off. So they’re telling everybody not to park those, these vehicles in their house to park it outside because of this fire risk.

Ben Price: Man that’s crazy. So they’re saying that these cars can basically spontaneously combust at any moment?

Patrick Jarrett: That’s what it sounds like what’s causing this. So the there’s they’re saying the problem exists in the tow hitch. And it evidently is a design flaw where water can get into the tow hitch electrical connection and cause it to short circuit and potentially start a fire.

Ben Price: Man. Have they told anybody, you know, what they need to do to fix this?

Patrick Jarrett: So evidently Hyundai has a interim repair where they can remove where the Hyundai dealership can remove a fuse, uh, that I guess impacts the the tow hitch area. But Kia for the Tellurides, there is no interim repair yet. So.

Ben Price: Man, that’s crazy. That’s 300,000 people potentially with this problem. I think that just, uh, really gets your attention when you can see that, Hey, folks these cars can explode at any moment, so, uh, don’t make sure to park it outside. That’s insane. I’ve never heard anything like that before. Do you know if there’s anything, uh, like a, a documented case of one of these things actually blowing up or catching fire?

Patrick Jarrett: I don’t believe there’s a reported case of any of these fire risks coming to fruition.

Ben Price: Okay, good. So nobody’s been burned up in their car while it’s in park as of yet? Okay.

Patrick Jarrett: Nobody’s house has burned down. Yeah. There’s a lot of potential harm there though.

Ben Price: Right. So, uh, one thing about recalls, in our line of work, I think we are all very much in favor of recalls, uh, that companies are being on the front end of picking out potential problems that they see design flaws that could be catastrophic if they did occur, even if it might be exceedingly rare that it happens. Uh, there’s hundreds of thousands of these vehicles in the stream of commerce. People are relying on these vehicles to be safe every day. Uh, so it’s kind of good to see that they’re taking this action before somebody’s had some type of catastrophic event. If they see this as possible. Obviously they need to do everything to prevent a death or an injury is something that they know could be a problem now.

Patrick Jarrett: Absolutely.

Ben Price: All right, man. All right. And anything else you wanna talk about today? This is our first episode, so I would really like to talk about something important. Like I don’t know the Braves. I, really enjoyed listening to the game last night. We have to listen to the Braves at our house because the Bally Sports, which covers the local broadcast for the Braves is not available on Hulu streaming. Uh, so I listen to pretty much every game old school on the radio. But I’ve really enjoyed that. I, I, I considered change of my. I guys my age, call it a cable package, but, I wanted to change my cable package to a different streaming service, uh, so that I could watch the Braves, but I’ve, I’ve enjoyed listening to them so much on the radio that, um, I’m just kinda like enjoying living in this 1970s world of listening to baseball games.

How about you?

Patrick Jarrett: I did not listen, I was in a meeting last night.

Ben Price: Okay. So, well, they won, they beat the, uh, they beat the pirates, um, and, uh, took two from the pirates and the Mets lost two to the Yankees the last two days. So we’re two games behind the Mets and that’s always great news. Everybody’s playing really well. Max fried was excellent last night and went all the way to the eighth inning.

Patrick Jarrett: So you, so you literally dialing in a radio station.

Ben Price: No, no, no. Well, in my car, I’m dialing in, uh, when I went to the grocery store, I was listening to the ballgame, but then I, I have an app on my phone, on the MLB network, but

Patrick Jarrett: I was gonna let know that there’s an app for that.

Ben Price: Yeah. Yeah. And I remember last year you were trying to explain to me how to get this to work and I couldn’t get it to work all year. And now I’ve figured out how to listen to the Braves. So it took me about a year to turn, figure out how to turn my radio on my iPhone. So, uh, anyway, uh, Excellent man. Well, we’ll see you tomorrow.

Ben Price: I think this is a good way to sign off and, uh, we’ll take up another topic tomorrow and hopefully we’ll, start, um, making this a regular thing and be able to talk to people, including our clients every day. And, um, I guess it’s time to sign off.

Patrick Jarrett: Good deal. See you tomorrow.

Ben Price: All right, let’s get some work done.

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