A Stockbridge man was killed in a serious accident involving a cargo truck on I-16 Saturday. A 2003 GMC cargo truck ran off the road on I-16 between the Chatham Parkway and Dean Forest Road exits about 3 p.m. Saturday, August 10, according to local media sources. Ronald V. Lawrence Jr., 30, of Stockbridge was a passenger in the truck and was killed. The driver of the truck escaped with only minor injuries. The accident caused the cargo truck’s contents to rupture, spilling its contents onto the roadway and tying up traffic for several hours Saturday afternoon. 

Serious accidents involving trucks and other commercial vehicles are unfortunately too common on Georgia roadways. Trucks carrying commercial cargo are often regulated by federal and Georgia law, creating several unique issues in any civil cases which may arise from these types of accidents. Attorneys at Jarrett & Price are experienced in representing clients in wrongful death and commercial vehicle cases, and offer free consultations if you or anyone you know is the victim of a commercial trucking accident.