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What to Expect at a Marriage-Based Adjustment of Status Interview

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At Jarrett & Price, we understand that the process of adjusting your status based on marriage can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. As experienced immigration attorneys, we are here to guide you through each step. One of the most crucial parts of this process is the marriage-based adjustment of status interview with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Here’s what you can expect:

Preparation is Key

Before the interview, make sure you have all the necessary documentation:

  • Identification: Bring valid IDs for both spouses.
  • Original Marriage Certificate: Ensure you have the original and a copy.
  • Joint Financial Records: Bank statements, credit card statements, tax returns, etc.
  • Photos Together: Photos from your wedding, holidays, and other significant events.
  • Other Evidence of Relationship: Joint leases, utility bills, insurance policies, etc.

Dress neatly and conservatively, as this helps in presenting a respectful and serious demeanor. While it’s not mandatory, having an attorney from Jarrett & Price can provide added confidence and ensure that your rights are protected.

The Interview Process

  1. Check-In:Arrive at the USCIS office on time, go through security, and check in at the designated area. Wait to be called for the interview.
  2. Meeting the Officer:The USCIS officer will introduce themselves and explain the interview’s purpose. You will be asked to swear to tell the truth during the interview.
  3. Individual Interviews:In some cases, the officer may interview each spouse separately to compare answers and verify the consistency of your relationship.
  4. Questions About the Relationship:Be prepared to answer questions about your relationship, including how you met, details of your wedding, and your daily life together. The officer may ask personal questions about each other’s habits, likes, dislikes, and other intimate details to assess the genuineness of your marriage.
  5. Review of Documents:The officer will review your application and the documents you provided, asking questions to verify their authenticity.
  6. Assessment of Bona Fides:The officer will evaluate whether your marriage is genuine and not entered into solely for immigration purposes. Evidence like joint leases, joint bank accounts, shared utility bills, and photos can help demonstrate the authenticity of your marriage.
  7. Questions About the Applicant’s Eligibility:Be prepared to answer questions related to the applicant’s eligibility for adjustment of status, such as criminal history, previous immigration violations, and other relevant background information.
  8. Conclusion of the Interview:The officer will inform you if any additional information or documents are needed and explain the next steps in the process and when you can expect a decision.

After the Interview

Once the interview is completed, the USCIS officer may make a decision on your case either during the interview or afterward. You will be notified of the decision by mail. If additional information is required, you may receive a Request for Evidence (RFE). If you receive an RFE, make sure to record the due date of your response. USCIS requires that you answer the RFE by a specific date. If you fail to do so, it could negatively impact your case.

Tips for a Successful Interview

  • Be Honest: Always answer questions truthfully.
  • Be Prepared: Review your application and be familiar with the information you have provided.
  • Stay Calm: It’s natural to feel nervous, but try to remain calm and composed.

At Jarrett & Price, we are committed to helping you navigate the complexities of the immigration process. If you have any questions or need assistance preparing for your marriage-based adjustment of status interview, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experienced attorneys are here to support you every step of the way.


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