This head-on car accident occurred in Northeast Georgia near Lake Lanier in Hall County. This was a horrific wreck that thankfully did not cause anyone to lose their life. It did however change our clients’ lives as the driver suffered catastrophic injuries that will never fully heal. Our Hall County injury attorneys were able to obtain the maximum settlement amount available for our clients.

Our clients were a family of six who were traveling in their minivan near Lake Lanier in Hall County, GA. A pickup truck pulled out in front of them causing a head on collision. The injuries our clients suffered were substantial. One minor victim was life flighted and the driver suffered extensive injuries to his legs. His injuries required multiple surgeries. The medical bills were in this case were very high. 

After the insurance company would not accept fault, we retained an expert of accident reconstruction and sent him to the scene of the accident. Our expert confirmed that the collision occurred in our client’s lane, which proved that the other driver was at fault.  

Our office identified all available insurance in the case and recovered the maximum of each insurance policy. We recovered a total of $1,250,000.00 on behalf of our clients.