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How Will a Motorcycle Accident Impact My Auto Insurance?

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Does a Motorcycle Accident Make Auto Insurance More Expensive?

Insurance may be the last thing on your mind when you’re enjoying the open road, but understanding what coverage you need and what it costs is an important part of motorcycle ownership. Motorcycle accidents can impact the cost of your auto insurance similarly to car accidents, depending on a variety of factors.

Take a look at some of the ways motorcycle ownership and accidents may affect your insurance premiums and get answers to other questions about motorcycle insurance and accidents below.

What Variables Can Impact Insurance Costs?

The cost of your auto insurance depends on how high of a risk you pose to the insurance agency. If a lot of accident payouts seem to be an inevitable part of a policyholder’s future, the insurance agency tries to hedge its bets by charging a higher premium. This means any variables that indicate how likely you are to be in an accident are ones that will impact your wallet.

Here are some of the main things an insurance company looks at:

  • Age. Younger drivers and riders often see higher rates. They’re likely less experienced and more prone to accidents. Most motorcycle accidents occur within the first year of ownership, so motorcycle experience could also be a factor regardless of age.
  • Driving history. History tends to repeat itself, and insurers expect it to do so. Accidents, tickets, and other negative items on your driving record could increase your premium—for your motorcycles and your car.
  • Vehicles. What vehicles you’re insuring also affects your rate. Some vehicles have lower safety ratings, leading insurance companies to assume they present a higher risk. Motorcycles are generally considered more dangerous than automobiles, but the style, age, and model of the bike may all be important risk considerations.
  • Location. Where you live affects your rate. The traffic, type of roads, and even the proficiency of other drivers in the area could put you at higher risk for an accident—and thus at higher risk for a larger insurance premium.
  • How much you drive. More riding means more chances for an accident. If you take your motorcycle to work or take many long rides, you may be looking at higher rates.

Will Your Car Insurance Cover a Motorcycle Accident?

Your current auto insurance policy likely doesn’t cover your motorcycle. You have to add the motorcycle to your policy just like you would have to add another car to it. Depending on your insurer, you may be able to add a motorcycle endorsement to your policy or you might have to buy a separate policy. Many insurance companies offer a bundle option for auto and motorcycle insurance.

If another driver is at fault in an accident, their liability insurance may cover expenses related to your losses. In this situation, your insurance company may handle getting the other insurer to pay out. However, neither your agency nor the other driver’s are necessarily motivated by your best interest. Insurance companies have stakeholders and a bottom line to consider. You may want to have legal representation to ensure your interests are protected—whether you were at fault or not.

What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

As with car insurance, what motorcycle coverage you get is usually up to you. When you purchase your policy, you can choose what coverage options best fit your needs.

Some options may be mandated by the state, though.


Liability coverage only covers damages you cause to someone else’s vehicle in a collision. Most states require liability insurance. The Georgia Motor Vehicle Accident Reparations Act includes specific minimum liability coverages that can be offered by an insurance company that issues motorcycle liability policies.

Full Coverage

Full coverage insurance usually includes liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage. That means you’re covered if someone damages your bike in a collision, if you damage your bike in a collision, or if other things damage your bike, such as fire, vandalism, or theft.

Will Your Insurance Company Drop You if You’re Involved in Too Many Accidents?

Too many at-fault accidents, especially in a short period, can cause your insurance to drop you. It can also cause your rates to become so expensive you can’t afford insurance. All accidents may count, so if you’re involved in car and motorcycle accidents separately, they can have an impact on your various insurance policies. This is an important consideration since motorcycle accidents are fairly common and could negatively affect your overall driving record and get your auto coverage dropped.

How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help?

Motorcycle accidents can be dangerous. You don’t have airbags or seat belts for protection, and even with proper safety gear, injuries are common. Medical bills and other injury expenses can add up, and you may face a serious fight with the insurance company to cover your losses.

Just a few ways a personal injury attorney can help include:

  • Protect your rights. Personal injury attorneys know the law and your rights and make sure you’re getting everything you’re entitled to.
  • Help you decide whether to settle. Sometimes settling saves you the hassle and cost of going to court, while other times, it can mean getting shortchanged. Experienced attorneys can help you understand the strength of your case and when it may be beneficial to keep fighting.
  • Gather important documents. If you do go to court, having someone who knows what documents to have and how to get them is vital to building a strong case.

To find out how a personal injury lawyer can help protect your interests, contact Jarrett & Price, trial attorneys, at 855-909-3021.

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