What Are The Common Causes Of Cyclist Accidents In Savannah, Georgia?

Distracted driving results in the most serious consequences. Typically, when a person does not see a cyclist or a pedestrian, they’re not going to brake or take evasive maneuvers to try to avoid the collision. That is when you see cyclists getting hit at high speeds. Another common problem is hit and runs. There are approximately 800 deaths a year of people who were riding bicycles, nationwide. There are far fewer cycling deaths than there are pedestrian deaths, due to the prevalence of pedestrians over cyclists. However, cyclists have a much higher chance of being the victim of a hit and run. These drivers, who plow over a cyclist, feel that they can leave the scene of an accident whereas if they plowed into a car, they would be likely to remain. This is an enormous fear for anyone who is riding a bicycle anywhere on the roadway. You could get hit by someone and be lying on the side of the road, fighting for your life, and no one stays around to even call 911.

There are now cameras that you can post on your bike so that if you do get hit, there is a video of someone coming up behind you. The video is triggered by a radar or laser that turns on whenever a vehicle approaches behind you. There are also alerts that people can have on their bikes to tell them when a vehicle is approaching from behind. Getting hit from behind is often the most dangerous thing for a cyclist because they don’t see the car coming. If the vehicle pulls out in front of you, then you may have an opportunity to avoid a collision or to lessen the impact. However, when getting hit from behind, there is not a lot that you can do about it.

How Do Accidents Involving Cyclists Differ From Accidents Involving Automobiles Only?

Cycling accidents are often more difficult than auto accidents because a number of them involve hit and run drivers. Pedestrians and cyclists are much more likely to be the victims of a hit and run. There is also the problem of insurers and potential jurors who don’t understand what rights a cyclist has. They don’t understand that the cyclist has a right to use the shoulder of the roadway and that vehicles that are passing the cyclist need to leave a couple of yards of space to avoid a collision. Some people who are sitting on a jury may believe that there is an inherent risk involved in riding a bicycle on a city street or a highway. You need to stress the fact that the cyclist has every right to be on the road. The road is for cars, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists; it is not just for vehicles.

There is sometimes confusion on behalf of injured cyclists who don’t know which insurance should apply. In Georgia, any collision arising from the use of an automobile will trigger automobile insurance. Very often, policies are written to cover cycling accidents as well. Sometimes, there may not be coverage, if you have an accident on a bicycle, and for those types of situations, we encourage people to talk to their auto insurance company about acquiring cycling specific coverage. Many people don’t realize that a bicycle can cost more than $10,000 these days.

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